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November 23, 2004

Brick Portion of Power Plant

I don't imagine there are too many people losing sleep over the fate of the brick building portion of the power plant. If there is a good re-use of the building … and there seem to be some good ideas floating about … then it should be pursued. If not, then not.

But for former City Commissioner Carol Hale to say the City should not be "swayed" by a "small group that are terming themselves as preservationists" is laughable. Ms. Hale has recounted several times her story of standing in front of the bulldozers prepared to take down Building 50.

At last count, there were 750 signatures on a petition to save the brick building, and we all know the Saving Building 50 group of preservationists started out small.

Then, to hear Commissioner Phil Orth suggest the citizens who want to save the brick building be countersued to teach a lesson … well, this is one more expression of his disdain for the public process and for the citizens he claims to represent.

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