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December 19, 2004


Underdogs ...God bless her, our Mayor is one:

May 3rd City Commission meeting: "Moved by Csapo, seconded by Orth, that the request to allow Jeff Nixon, 114 E. Ninth Street, to take actions as delineated in his communication dated April 26, 2004, regarding preservation of the old brick water treatment building on the east side of the bay front power plant be received and filed."

No: Melichar, Smyka.

Then … "Moved by Jackson, seconded by Melichar, that the City Commission requests Jeff Nixon to create an economic analysis at his own cost regarding the preservation of the old brick building on the bay front and to work with the City staff, with such an analysis to be presented June 1 for consideration at the June 7 regular meeting."

Yes: Jackson, Melichar, Smyka, Hardy.

June 7th City Commission meeting: "Moved by Orth, seconded by Csapo, that the request from Jeff Nixon regarding preservation of the old brick building located on the bay front immediately west of the open space, be denied."

No: Melichar, Smyka.

August 2nd City Commission meeting: "Moved by Orth, seconded by Csapo, that the City Commission hereby denies any public showings of the Traverse City Light & Power bay front power plant and reaffirms the Commission's desire to have Traverse City Light & Power demolish, as soon as possible, all buildings and structures on the bay front and return the property to the City as open space." (Note: Jeff Nixon requested public tours and a two year moratorium on tearing down the brick building only).

No: Melichar, Smyka.

Credit: Minutes of Commission meetings

Even our mayor cited at one meeting that the City of Milwaukee renovated a water plant on the lake for public use. I wouldn't think she'd bring it up if she weren't in agreement that other ideas should be considered.

Now we have these two commissioners, Jackson and Orth, others, suggest the City go after a citizen for expenses (and no doubt, their co-commissioner, Melichar). Would this include the Mayor? Are they mad at her too for voting the "wrong" way?

These people need some humility.

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