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January 03, 2005

The SLAPPing Continues

Well, here we go. Anne Melichar was nastily and with brute force eliminated from the closed session discussion of the settlement strategy in the lawsuit Jeff Nixon filed against the City. Why? Because supposedly she is a member of the SaveTCbuilding group.

There is no membership. Although she contributed some money and time to this effort, it would be the same as another commissioner becoming involved in another neighborhood issue and perhaps, believing in its cause, reporting on the issue at a subsequent meeting.

So, in effect, the people who elected Anne Melichar to office were not represented tonight. It is shameful, but more, scary. If you have a legitimate concern in Traverse City, but if it goes against the majority of the commission, you can be in legal trouble.

By the way, the fact that one commissioner voted for Anne's participation in the closed session … this commissioner is quite regularly against anything which Anne views favorably. So could it be this vote was pre-arranged so it doesn't look as if she were being ganged up on?

Posted by Gadflygirl at January 3, 2005 09:21 PM


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