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May 16, 2005

Conflict of Interest, and then some

Not only is Commissioner Boynton in conflict of interest in discussions pertaining to the West Front Street Development and its link to Parking Lot T, but he was allowed to pull a three-fer: he acted as commissioner at this evening's commission discussion, and when he decided to abstain from voting, was allowed to leave the commission panel and speak as a citizen on the issue, then return to his commissioner position ... all as a partner in the firm of the owner of the west side development property.

When he asked the city attorney if this was permitted, the city attorney allowed it, stating that he wasn't sure ... "that he had never been asked this question before." The city attorney should have erred on the side of caution and instructed Mr. Boynton to remain seated, and abstain from voting.

Imagine the hoo-ha if anyone else tried this.

By the way, as a "citizen" he wanted to encourage the commission to not go along with the developer's request for an 18-month exclusivity. Of course, if some other developer came along during the 18 month exclusivity agreement, and wanted to purchase Mr. Boynton's partner's property (not linking it to Parking Lot T) it could not be sold. Of course!

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