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May 06, 2005

Want to be on the Commission? Don't Hold your Breath

Mr. Morality has resigned from the City Commission for unspecified personal reasons, and the rumor is he is on his way out of town. So, the City Commission had to appoint someone to fill his spot until November. The criteria were someone who has served as a City Commissioner in the past, and someone who would not be interested in running again in November. But … anyone could apply and would be interviewed.

The interviews took place last night, and what a waste of everyone's time. There was one person who was City Commissioner in the past, and this is Jack Boynton. The floor was open to nominations … he was nominated (and no other), and won the position by unanimous vote.

During the interview process, Scott Hardy asked everyone why he or she decided to try for the position, since he had not seen him or her appear before the City Commission at any other time, nor run for appointment to any subcommittee/board. I believe he even prefaced his question by referring to "ascending" to the City Commission. I do not remember Scott Hardy appearing before the City Commission ever, nor am I aware if he served on any other board. It could be that he has. But at least two of the interviewees have committed to service in the community. Scott Hardy was appointed to the City Commission to fill his father's seat. His father's wife, I recall, considered the position his due. He then ran for the position when his father's term was up.

Another Commissioner, T. Michael Jackson, who will not run again (and made quite the announcement to this effect), questioned why the applicants would not consider running. Well, the criterion was that they not run.

I don't have anything against Jack Boynton. I recall his term as Commissioner in the past, and thought he was fair and listened to the concerns of the public. He didn't snort, roll his eyes, exhaust his breath, nor did he belittle verbally and nastily his fellow commissioners. I think he could bring some civility to the commission. However, as a partner in the law firm of the owner of the west Front Street property, up for a massive redevelopment, how can his position not be considered a conflict of interest? Perhaps he would abstain from voting on this issue as well as any other concerning a bank client of his, but then we are back to five votes … something the Commission wanted to remedy (or so they say).

Appearance is everything.

Posted by Gadflygirl at May 6, 2005 09:14 PM


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